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Stats for UK Grads

Monday, 09 December 2013 14:46

Here are a few statistics about UK graduates and their employment prospects.

- There are 12M graduates in Britain

- 47% of recent graduates are employed in non-graduate jobs, this is up from 39% before the financial crisis

- In 1992 17% of the population were graduates, in 2013 38% of the population are graduates

- Media and info grads have an annual average salary of £21,000, where as Medicine grads have an average annual salary of £46,000

- Between April and June 2013:
87% of university grads were employed
Compared to 83% who were educated to A-level standard
And 76% who were educated to GCSE level

- 21% of graduates with a job are working within the banking and finance sector compared to 41% of graduates with a job who are working in public admin, education or the health industry

- The average annual income for graduates by the age of 38 is £35,000

- The employment rate for male grads is 89% compared to the employment rate for female grads which is 86%

- 6 out 10 people living in inner London are graduates compared to 3 out of 10 in the North East

- On average a male graduate earns £17 per hour compared to a female graduate who earns £14 per hour