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Change Your approach to Work Forever!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014 11:27

The 21 Principles of Professional Intelligence will change your approach to work forever!

A new website has just launched called Professional Intelligence 21, featuring a FREE eBook download of ‘Professional Intelligence – The 21 Principles of How to Succeed at Work’.
The vision behind the website is to enable the free distribution of the book to every graduate, school leaver and early careerist.

Paula Jago, the author, has worked in the Creative Technology Industry for 20 years and is currently the Managing Director of a World Class Design Consultancy in Farringdon, Tobias & Tobias. She has personally recruited over 400 people in the past 10 years, built and managed teams of highly talented people ranging in size of between 30 and 400 heads, and professionally mentors between 8 and 10 people at any given time.

Jago explains; “It's the book that I wish someone had given to me 20 years ago when I started my own career. It is purposely a short-form book - bite sized chunks of big advice that is straight forward and easy to apply, and is proven in the workplace.

The book is compiled from a combination of advice I have received and advice I have derived directly from experiencing the consequences of my own mistakes - it isn't a large, heavy tome - it's written for the twitter generation - short, potent, succinct information. It contains direction that isn't taught via any formal education or training platform - it's derived directly from being in the working environment.”
The Professional Intelligence approach is emerging quickly into the market due to its ability to resonate with people across a broad range of experience, sectors and job roles. It is used in several existing businesses as an induction and development handbook, and, when used cohesively across a team, it is also a powerful tool in the creation of a successful business culture.

the first 5 Principles:
1. Understand how your Employer makes money
2. Be part of the solution not the problem
3. Read between the lines, and listen with all senses
4. Play the Long Game
5. Write concisely and never reply in anger, or via other platforms

Visit for the free download – it will change your approach to work forever!