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Reasons to Date an English Student!

Monday, 19 May 2014 15:40

By Amba Centala

 - While English Literature students have a strange stereotype of being quite boring but I have discovered there are quite a few reasons why we make the best friends and are relationship material. And here are the reasons I have combined together to show you why this is a great degree to either do or befriend someone who does:

1. We are one of the few degrees which have minimal contact hours. We have roughly 10-12 hours a week compulsory, sometimes even less. Most of the time we will be using for reading however compared to other courses that still means we have more hours off to spend running errands for our mates who are in five hours a day.

2. Our essay and coursework skills are of the highest quality. Majority of the work produced by an English Literature student is purely essay based which means our overall grade is judged on writing alone. If ever needing someone to proof read your essay, we are the ones to go to!

3. Stamina and impeccable organisation skills (generally speaking). It has been said that on average a Lit student is set a deadline of 9,000 words of coursework. While other courses have little pieces of work due every few weeks, English Literature students have all the essays due in the same week, if lucky the week before. This means we have to balance our time usually through two or three essays due in on the same day, triple secondary source research and lots of time consuming planning. The positive to this being we are great at time management and are likely to be able...

4. The quality of conversation for an English Literature student is sensational. Spending most of our time diving in and out of different genres of books and even English itself draws of other subjects such as history and geography. Due to this we are usually knowledgeable on a variety of different subjects from past times to present.

5. We are the biggest social animals. English Literature students aside from the reading and coursework – when work is at its lowest and we have hours to spare we are the wild ones.